Alan A. Wittert
The owner, Shelley Cox, is wise, sincere, open-minded, compassionate, and dedicated to the development of every child who attends her program. She and her staff are the real deal.
n b.
We feel very fortunate that we found this amazing, caring, special little place called - Step By Step. When our son was younger he attended Preschool at Step by Step and now that he is older he continues to attend the Social Skills classes every Saturday. The Step By Step staff - Administration, Teachers and Support staff are extraordinary. Step By Step is a very rare combination of clinical expertise, a remarkable knowledge base, true compassion for each individual's needs, in a safe, nurturing, and fun "edu-play" environment. Our son started in Preschool at Step By Step with severe developmental delays. He had Early Intervention services at home but we truly saw dramatic improvements and great strides in his overall development - once he got to Step By Step. The teachers worked tirelessly with our son helping to support his development his all areas - physical, emotional, behavioral and language. We feel our son's dramatic developmental progress is a direct parallel to the work, support and guidance he received and continues to receive at Step By Step. He is thriving. The entire staff is very communicative about our son's challenges and successes; and are always available to answer questions and make suggestions regarding his development. Over the years, we have done extensive research looking for programs in the greater Los Angeles area (especially the westside and valley) for our son and Step By Step's program is extremely rare. The Step By Step Social Skills program is fantastic. This program nurtures and helps to build each child as a whole person with a focus on social communication, thinking and intelligence - becoming a good citizen, building character, being active and healthy, and being a positive contributor to a global community. In our opinion, Step By Step is unique and unquestionably impressive! We are so fortunate to have found Step By Step. It was a true blessing to discover Step By Step at a time when we were feeling helpless and lost with no real options for our son. Now, fast forward 5 years and we are forever grateful and so, so thankful to Shelly, John and their extraordinary Step By Step team!
Shelley P.
I am the owner of Step by Step and while it is weird to rate my own program I think we are doing a great service for families and children with special needs in our community and across the state. Most of the time we get glowing reviews across settings. Occasionally people don't like us and we can't be everything to everyone, weather it is for families we serve or staff who are no longer with us and are disgruntled. Unfortunately the post by one such person berating our program is filled with lies and and defamation's. This person is under investigation by the police and adult services. My hope is that this person will find peace and in their life and move on. But if not she is entitled to her opinion. Reviews are good but please do your own research on programs and services for your child and find the right match for you. Most people working with this population are good hearted and talented. And then there is always one out there. Please feel free to call us at anytime to check out our services and to ask your own very important questions about our programs and services. Sincerely Shelley P. Cox
Warm and friendly staff, excellent services offered by extremely well trained and knowledgable staff. All with lots of laughter, love and kindness. Extremely well priced too!
Yomira L.
Step by Step's effective early intervention program and wonderful loving staff provided my son with therapy and skills that contributed to his developmental growth in a short term. I was amazed to see how within the first week of attending Step by Step my son started displaying progress in social, emotional, behavioral and language areas in which he was developmentally delayed due to Sensory Processing Disorder and possibly Autism. It was a true blessing to have found SBS at the right time when I was feeling hopeless. I will always be thankful to them!
Amy S.
Step By Step is an incredible school. I am so grateful our little guy was introduced to Step By Step. We started there when he was only 10 months old in a baby class and then quickly transitioned into their early intervention program when he was only 14 months old. Our son's growth was exceptional at Step By Step and he had nothing but wonderful teachers and experiences. We really appreciate that Step By Step has such excellent play gym options to help him physically develop. We love how much art and music therapy are incorporated into the daily schedule as well as the mix of children and the policy of inclusion. When Mateo graduated from the early intervention program he had many of the skills he needed to move into pre-school! We are grateful to Step By Step!
Catherine Lacey D.
My first son who has special needs has been attending the school for 2.5 years and my second son who is typically developing for 6 months. Both boys have enjoyed the warm, nurturing environment within the edu-play school. We have met and become friends with many of the educated families as our children have grown together in these crucially formative years. I congratulate the teachers, therapists and directors for their wonderful programme, patience and true love for the children and their well being.